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I’m Jenn Labonte, the creator of Fitness Rediscovered. I help frustrated women take control of post 40’s weight gain, build strength, & lean out so she can feel confident, consistently motivated, and beautiful in her own skin. No restrictive diets or extreme exercise allowed!

Having struggled with weight gain and emotional ups and downs after turning 40, and really not loving what I saw in the mirror…I’ve been in your shoes. Despite training hundreds of women, I was faced with new injuries and feelings of defeat that ended in emotional eating, excessive drinking, sleepless nights and rapid weight gain.

Having coached hundreds of women from all walks of life, I’ve learned my story isn’t that unique.

We all long to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin, so why does it have to be SO.DAMN.HARD?

Lets be real, we are all busy and often end up putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own.  You don’t seem to have time or energy to workout and meal prep and suffer to get results.

The good news is there IS a better way.

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6 Strategies for Healthy, Quick, & Convenient Dinners

The biggest obstacle I hear from the people I coach is that they “just don’t have time.”  People are SO busy today with work, families, managing a house, and the million other things that come up. So it’s too often that they find themselves grabbing food for convenience – food that not only doesn’t serve their bodies […]

5 Tips to Keeping Your Mind and Memory Sharp Working From Home

Working from home most days is awesome! However, keeping my mind focused with all the distractions can definitely be challenging!  Not to brag or anything but, I can forget what I’m doing what I’m doing while I’m doing it!  I know a lot of you are with me in working from home, so here are […]

What’s the Big Deal About Carbs?

Starchy carbs get so much attention when it comes to nutrition conversations because they are the biggest double-edged sword our bodies have to deal with. On one hand, all of our energy in the body comes from glucose molecules (carbs in their basic sugar form) but on the other, our bodies weren’t designed to be […]

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