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10-Minute HIIT

10-Minute HIIT! Short on time but, big on goals?! I’ve got you covered with this quick, efficient, total body, body weight burner!  I’ve even thrown in a timer for you so you can work along with me! 1. Hop runner lunges  2. Quadruped leg kicks  3. Seated toe reaches/alternating & forward  Complete all three exercises […]

woman pointing at sky on seashore

Standing Ab Workout: 4 Core Exercises You Want to Add to Your Routine

Standing Ab Workout: 4 Core Exercises You Want to Add to Your Routine! Basic moves that lead to incredible results!  Although the effects of gravity and the weight of your trunk make lying or seated core exercises a bit more challenging let’s not push standing core exercises to the side! Especially with some added weight, […]

Core Burner Workout

Get ready to work that core! Super effective and you’ll definitely feel that burn! Last two frames show modified options. Modify and adjust as needed….but, don’t stop trying!  1️⃣Seated boat pose to knee grab  2️⃣Rocket launchers with knee to elbow  3️⃣Plank hip dips  4️⃣Seated bicycles with weight drops (keep watching for double-time advanced option)  5️⃣Plank […]

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