17 Ideas to Help Motivate You to Exercise

For most people it’s not about the desire to exercise but, instead in finding the motivation to get up and do it! We all have our own triggers, excuses and reasons we can’t. But, on the flip side we also have our own motivational factors to select from that allow us to say I CAN!

Here are some of my favorites that I pull from:

1. Put your workout clothes on – When that moment of should I go or shouldn’t I starts…just get dressed! Put your workout clothes on and go! Once the workout clothes on you’re one step closer to making it happen. I often pick them out the night before so there really is no excuse to procrastinate.

2. Write down how you feel after you workout – I’m sure you’ve seen the quote, “I really wish I hadn’t worked out…said no one ever.” Remembering that feeling of achievement and strength after a workout should be good enough motivation. However, it’s easy to forget!

3. Change it up – Don’t let boredom be your culprit for avoidance! Keep going back for more of the things you love or try new things when you stop wanting to go.

4. Schedule your workouts in your calendar – You wouldn’t miss a meeting that you’ve previously scheduled so why miss a workout that you’ve scheduled? I still love my hard copy calendar in my journal!

5. Surround yourself with motivation – You are who you surround yourself with. Make sure you have positive influences around you before, during and after your workout to be good role models for what you want to achieve and maintain.

6. Join a group – Fitness classes automatically provide an entire group of positive influences. There are so many great options to choose from whether it’s at a gym or an outdoor boot camp.

7. Focus on eating healthy – When you eat healthy you’ll find the rest automatically goes with it. You’ll want to do more and achieve more once you start the process.

8. Remember why you started – Remember your WHY? Write it down and keep it close by you.

9. Ask yourself, “will I regret skipping this workout?” – How will you feel if you miss your workout? Does your body and/or mind genuinely need the rest? Or will you beat yourself up or get depressed about it?

10. Give yourself mini-challenges – I personally can’t resist a challenge! There are tons of challenges available on social media, Pinterest or through Google searches. Grab a friend or family member and set up a mini fitness challenge for the month.

11. Set long-term challenges – Always wanted to run a 5K, half or full marathon? You can do this! Pick the date, find the training plan and go!

12. Find an accountability partner – I guarantee we all have someone in our life that equally wants to get healthy or reach similar fitness goals. Agree to hold each other accountable and help each other reach those goals. We’re all better in numbers!

13. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks – I personally am a crime story junkie and I often listen to podcasts when I work out. I look forward to continuing the story each workout. Find something that you’ll look forward to continuing but, you only get to listen to while you workout.

14. Do it for the Gram – I love seeing accountability pages on Instagram. These are pages where people are posting what they did for a workout that day, what they ate, etc. They aren’t doing it for show or to tell other people what to do but, instead holding themselves accountable to reaching their own goals. In the end, whether they realize it or not, they are inspiring others!

15. Track your successes – Write it down and take a picture! Use your journal and write down your successes, even if they’re minor. Take before and after pictures and celebrate your victories!

16. Record your favorite show – This is my go to solution to really not wanting to work out that day! I jump on the treadmill, bump up the incline, and walk at a slow pace while watching my favorite show.

17. Wear a fitness tracker – You’ll often see my wearing my favorite Polar fitness watch when I work out. I’m able to track my heart rate to see how hard I’m working, push myself harder if I need to or rest if it gets too high. I’ve also set a daily workout goal that I strive to reach everyday. This goes back to the “challenge” category where you can set mini goals for yourself to achieve.

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