My Top 7 Favorite Carbs

I get asked a lot about which carbs are the best for fat loss. I get it…in this day of carb cycling, Keto and low carb diets it can all become very confusing!

I want to start by reminding you that carbs are an important macro-nutrient. Not only for getting physical results but, to have the energy to perform as the inner athlete that we all have inside of us.

Let’s dive into my go-to carb sources:

1. Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes are high in many important nutrients. They contain a good amount of fiber as well as vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese and several other vitamins and minerals.

2. Potatoes – Cooked potatoes with skin are a good source of many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C. Aside from being high in water when fresh, potatoes are primarily composed of carbs and contain moderate amounts of protein and fiber — but almost no fat.

3. Rice – While both brown and white rice contain about 170 calories per serving of 0.25 cups (0.06 liters), the nutritional value of rice of each type can be significantly different. Brown rice is generally considered a good dietary source of vitamins B1, B6, and B3, as well as phosphorous, dietary fiber, iron, and essential fatty acids.

4. Beans – Beans also contain decent amounts of zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, and vitamins B1, B6, E, and K. With only 245 calories per cup (171 grams), pinto beans are one of the most nutrient-dense foods around. Many other varieties are just as impressive. Beans are unique among plant foods due to their high protein content.

5. Oats – Oats are a good source of many nutrients including vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. Oats are also a good source of protein. The difference between insoluble and soluble fiber, besides the foods that they come from, is what they do in your body.

6. Quinoa – Besides being high in protein and low in quinoa carbs, it also contains a good amount of fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and folate, along with an array of other essential micro-nutrients.

7. Fruit – With so many different types of fruits, the benefits are wide ranging. When consuming fruit, it serves as my carbohydrate portion for that meal.

Personally, my body responds best to sweet potatoes and oats.

That said, you may find that brown rice works better for you or regular potatoes or fruit.
The key is finding the carbs that make YOU feel the best and bring you the results you want. A carbohydrate that causes you to bloat or feel sluggish is obviously one to shy away with.

Remember to focus on portion control as well. Using my ONE SIMPLE STEP mindset we use a PALM size of protein, a FIST size of carbs and a FIST size of veggies.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy bread, pasta or my ever favorite pizza! The key is to be consistent with your healthy choices which will give you the flexibility to have the bread and pizza and still reach your goals!

Let me know if I can help!

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