Red, White and Blue Seltzer Slushie

In honor of Flag Day 🇺🇸 tomorrow…not that we need a reason to enjoy a good cocktail I bring you my Red ❤️ White 🤍 Blue 💙 Seltzer Slushie!

A refreshing drink using my favorite Blackberry Hibiscus PRESS Seltzer and of course lots of yummy fruit! The perfect way to enjoy a slushie cocktail with premium, sophisticated flavors and without loads of fat and calories!

1 can PRESS Seltzer
1 shot vodka
1 cup frozen strawberries and peaches
2 cups ice

❤️Blend well in blender and pour
🤍Garnish with strawberries & blueberries
💙Makes two glasses

We work hard!! Take time to savor life’s delicious moments!

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