Turkey and Cheese Sushi on a Stick

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Looking for picky eater school lunch ideas? Need a fun way to provide a nutritious, balanced, and great tasting lunch for your kids? Kids love food on a stick and this recipe won’t disappoint! Plus, with only 4 ingredients you won’t break your budget or your schedule!

My kids were always picky eaters when they were younger. Getting them to eat nutritious foods was a big challenge!

I often found myself clinging to traditional fried, unhealthier options just to get them to eat. School lunches were a real struggle because I couldn’t heat up their food and they refused to eat sandwiches. I mean, who doesn’t like a good sandwich?!

One day I was making fruit kabobs (again trying to trick them into eating nutritious food) and I thought maybe, just maybe, I can trick them into eating a sandwich if it doesn’t look like one. I made a few tweaks along the way, as I discovered which meats, cheeses, and sauces they liked best but finally, the TURKEY AND CHEESE SUSHI ON A STICK was born! It became a staple in my house for many years.

So much has changed in the way of bread options since I first made this recipe for my kids. I’ve recreated the recipe to share with you here and included a new find for you! Arnold Organic White made with Whole Wheat Bread is specially baked for picky eaters (where were you 15 years ago?)! Click the image below or HERE to earn $.75 cash back on the purchase of ONE 18 oz. loaf.

I purchased my Arnold Organic White made with Whole Wheat Bread from Walmart using the Walmart Online Grocery option. Click the image below to add it right to your own Walmart Online Grocery cart. It’s a great option that both moms and picky eaters can agree on. Organic whole grain is the first ingredient AND it’s a good source of Vitamins A, D, & E. I call that a win!

Now more than ever, it’s essential our kids continue to eat balanced lunches. Let’s start the New Year off with some positive habits! Have some fun with this recipe. Change up the meat, cheese, add their favorite sauces…make it something special!

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Turkey & Cheese Sushi on a Stick


  • 1 slice of Arnold Organic White made with Whole Wheat Bread
  • 2–3 slices of deli turkey
  • 1 slice of American cheese
  • 1–2 tsp. Cream cheese


  1. Lay bread on a cutting board and with a rolling pin, roll over bread to thin it out.
  2. Spread cream cheese. Lay turkey and cheese slices over bread.
  3. Roll sandwich flats from one end to the next.
  4. Cut “roll” in half. Then cut in ½″ thick round sections.
  5. Serve with fresh fruit, veggies, and a snack or treat of choice.

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