Tighten and Tone with this Total Body Bodyweight Burner

Today’s workout possible because of Adaptogenic Stress Relief! Instead of caffeine, these capsules by Natural Wellbeing contain a powerful blend of organic adaptogen herbs and mushrooms designed to strengthen your body’s resilience to stress! It’s a subtle feeling but, I can literally feel calm and balance being restored. 

Summer is near! Ready to tighten, tone and burn that fat with this Total Body Bodyweight Burner? Here’s a bit from my soon to be released, FITNESS REDISCOVERED fitness app. Get the full workout on the app on June 1st!

One tip for today’s workout: to get the full benefit of each exercise, complete the entire movement before returning to starting point (ie. lift that leg as high as you safely can, lower yourself into the tricep push-up as close to the ground as possible). If it’s burning…it’s working! 

1 – Leg hinge extension 

2 – Tricep push up divebombers 

3 – Plank walk out with switch 

4 – Glute kickback/fire hydrant/extension 


12 reps each (side) 

4 rounds 

Rest for 60 seconds after each complete round 

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