Fall Favorites with a Twist

Fall Favorites with a Twist! Enjoy the flavors of fall without adding unnecessary amounts of sugar, calories and fat. 

I’ve put together three recipes that offer healthier versions of seasonal yumminess we all love. 

Share them with friends and family (or keep all to yourself). I promise, no one will complain about the swaps! 

Swapping is a great way to tailor recipes to your own needs…whether you need to eliminate/substitute certain ingredients because of allergies, counting your macros or just trying to create a healthier version! 

These three recipes will introduce you to some great ways to sub out items! Check out the lasagna, for example: We swap zucchini for noodles, and turkey for beef! That cuts down on carbs and fat, alike. 

Just click HERE and download the recipes now! Let me know how you like them! 

Let’s all start each day with a grateful heart – and mindful about what we’re preparing and enjoying. 

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