Reset Your Resolutions with These Top 5 Brands

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RESET RESOLUTION! Most of us (including me) have set a goal or challenge for ourselves this year. Whether it’s wellness, nutrition, self-empowerment, organization or self-care related…big or small…I’m cheering you on! 

Today I’m teaming up with some awesome brands to help you on your resolution journey!  

Shaklee Life Shake Soy Protein – French Vanilla Protein Powder 

Shaklee Protein

Let me lead with the fact that Shaklee was founded by Dr. Shaklee, who invented the very first multivitamin in the U.S. more than 100 years ago! Talk about pioneering! 

The Life Shake Soy Protein is packed with 20 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Plus it’s Non-GMO, vegan and comes in indulgent flavors that you will absolutely crave! The best tasting plant-based protein powder! 

Just blend or shake two scoops of the Life Shake vegan protein powder into your favorite dairy or dairy substitute drink and blend! I love adding strawberries and blueberries but, the possibilities are endless. 

You can’t beat the convenience and taste for a complete, healthy and protein-packed meal! 

To learn more and to purchase visit Shaklee Life Shake Soy Protein.

Shaklee Collagen-9 

Shaklee Collagen

Shaklee Collagen is the most complete collagen product, including ALL 9 essential amino acids required by the body to support protein synthesis. With 10 grams of collagen and a powerful combination of biotin and Vitamin C, you will see a healthy promotion in your skin, hair, nails and joints! 

Shaklee Collagen is unflavored so you can mix it with your favorite shake (like your Shaklee Life Shake), smoothie or even in your morning coffee!

To learn more and to purchase visit Shaklee Collagen-9.

Zebra Pen Journaling Set 

Zebra Pen Journaling Set

I am fanatical about my to-do lists and staying organized. As much as I love the latest apps and content management systems for staying organized, I can’t escape my love for old-school, pen to paper lists. And of course I have to have all the best quick dry ink pens and colors!  

Zebra Pen Corporation offers a full line of writing and creative products, like ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters and more! 

The Zebra Pen Journaling Set includes both Sarasa Clip Gel Retractable Pens AND Mildliner Highlighters in fun colors. 

The wide variety of colors offered in the Zebra Pen Journaling Set are perfect for color coordinating all my notes and I LOVE that each gel pen has a corresponding mild color highlighter pen! That’s perfection for my color-coded, organizational obsession! 

Zebra Pen Set

The Mildliner Highlighters have a chisel tip and fine point which are perfect for hand lettering and marketing applications. The mild, water-resistant ink is translucent so it won’t bleed through the paper! 

Use code RESOLUTION15 to save 15% on the Mildliner Highlighter, Mildliner Brush and Sarasa Clip from


Beetology Cherry

Did you know that they’ve been shown to be great for your heart, blood pressure and brain? Their health benefits simply can’t be “beet!” 😊  

The versatile beet is packed with vitamins and minerals associated with lowering blood pressure, fighting inflammation, increased stamina, detoxification support, boosting immunity, and much more. 

And the best part is there is no need for a blender! Beetology does the juicing for you! They offer five different flavors and all their 100% organic cold pressed juice blends are under 110 calories per bottle. 

Here’s two of my favorites: 

Beetology Beet and Cherry 

This deliciously balanced blend of ripe tart cherries, bold beets and naturally sweet apples is irresistible! With only three ingredients, 100 calories, no preservatives, additives, artificial color or flavors, Beetology is like no other beet blend. Plus, it’s all natural, not from concentrate, GMO free and includes all organic ingredients. 

Beetology Beet and Veggie 

Beetology Veggie

Need an extra dosage of veggies? The Beetology Beet and Veggie blend is a powerful veggie punch, layered in fresh carrot juice, kale and celery. It offers the mildly sweet flavor of natural beets with the added sweetness of green apples. 

Drinking your veggies never tasted so good! 

Beetology Beet and Veggie blend includes only five ingredients, 90 calories, no preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors. And just like the Beet and Cherry blend, it’s all natural, not from concentrate, GMO free and includes all organic ingredients. 

Learn more about Beetology and all their products by visiting: 

Tree Hut Vitamin C Whipped Body Butter 

Tree Hut Vitamin C Whipped Body Butter

Self-care is a crucial part of our physical and mental health! While I admittedly am not the best at pampering myself, I do make a conscience effort to take care of my skin! I workout outside a lot and my skin tends to take a beating. 

I love all the Tree Hut products because they never skimp on good ingredients! I know I will get soft, smooth skin every time I use their products.  

Tree Hut’s Vitamin C Whipped Body Butter is the perfect skin-refresher to get that glowing skin! Plus the scent of Vitamin C leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smelling amazing. 

Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant and is known to help boost skin for a brighter, firmer and even-tone appearance. 

I also love that all their Whipped Body Butters are paraben free, vegan, sulfate free, alcohol free and contain no formaldehyde donors. 

You can find more information on the Tree Hut Vitamin C Whipped Body Butter


Monday alcohol free gin

With the new year I often hear resolutions that include limiting or removing alcohol from your routine. Some of you are trying to lose weight or work on fitness goals. Good choice, as alcohol is one of the number one deterrents from reaching those goals! Or maybe you’re just celebrating Dry January! 

But, like it or not, there is often the peer pressure when you go out with friends or family. They all mean well but, after hearing “just have one” or “why aren’t you drinking?” multiple times a night, it gets old! 

If this is you…I have a fun brand to suggest to you! Introducing Monday, alcohol free gin! Spirits lovers on a mission to shake-up the modern drinking experience! Here’s the kicker: amazing taste, zero alcohol and all-inclusive. So you can enjoy flavorful cocktails, socialize without stress, and wake-up feeling fresh. 

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin is a bold, aromatic blend of juniper, natural botanicals, citrus, and spices that satisfies like a classic London Dry style spirit that even finishes with the familiar kick of your fav adult beverage. 

Aside from being alcohol free, it’s also 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, vegan, gluten free, paleo and keto friendly and the big-8 allergen free. 

For best results, make a delicious cocktail or mixed drink with fresh ingredients. 

Monday looks, feels, and tastes the part, no one will know. Plus, because it’s alcohol free, you won’t regret last night’s good times the morning after! 

Shop Monday Gin by visiting: AND use the code JENN15 to save 15% off anything on the Monday site (except subscriptions). One use per customer only. Expires Jan.31, 2022 

Cheering you on in your journey, no matter what your goals are this year! Now, go an crush them all!

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