15 Ways to Easily Eat More Protein

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Most of you recognize it’s important to consume protein! But do you really know why? And do you know how much you should be eating everyday? 

The WHY on Protein: 

✔️Reduces appetite and hunger levels 

✔️Increases muscle mass and strength 

✔️Good for your bones 

✔️Reduces cravings (and late night snacking) 

✔️Boosts metabolism and increases fat burning 

✔️Lowers your blood pressure 

✔️Helps maintain weight loss 

✔️Helps your body repair itself after injury 

✔️Helps you stay fit as you age 

How much protein should I be eating? 

Opinions regarding how much protein you need vary. Most official nutritional organizations recommend a fairly modest protein intake. 

However, while 46 grams per day average for a woman might be enough to prevent deficiency…I’m shooting for the optimal benefits! 

Cause we are more than “average.”

Most studies show that 0.7 – 1 gram of lean protein, per pound of body weight is a high reaching goal for optimal weight loss, lean muscle gain and all the other awesome benefits! 

Now you’ve got the facts…start adding protein to each meal for the results! 

Now, let’s dive into some easy ways to reach those daily protein goals. 

Yes, I know it can be a challenge! But, with a few conscious tweaks to your routine you’ve got this! 

1 – Eat your protein first. Eating protein first at meals can help you feel full and keep your blood sugar and insulin levels from rising too high. 

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2 – Snack on cheese. Choose cheese for a filling snack that’s high in protein and calcium and may improve heart health. 

3 – Replace cereal with eggs. Replacing cereal with eggs boosts protein consumption, makes you feel more full, and helps you eat fewer calories. 

4 – Top your food with chopped almonds. Almonds are high in several nutrients and can boost the protein content of a meal or snack. 

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5 – Choose Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein as traditional yogurt and can be eaten alone or added to other foods. 

6 – Have a protein shake for breakfast. Having a protein shake for breakfast helps you start the day off right. Whey may be the best type to use. My long time favorite is 1st Phorm.

7 – Include a high protein food with every meal. Include a high protein food at each meal to get what you need to feel full and maintain muscle mass.

8 – Choose leaner, larger cuts of meat. Choosing leaner cuts of meat and slightly larger portions is an easy way to increase your protein intake. Try this Sesame Chicken Salad.

9 – Add peanut butter to your diet. Adding peanut butter to your diet can boost your protein intake. It may also help decrease appetite, improve heart health, and lower blood sugar. 

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10 – Eat lean jerky. Lean jerky and snack sticks are good sources of protein. Choose high quality types that come from grass-fed animals whenever possible. 

11 – Indulge in cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a versatile, high protein food that makes you feel full and may help improve body composition. 

12 – Munch on edamame. Edamame is a good source of plant protein and may have other health benefits. 

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13 – Eat canned fish. Canned fish is a convenient source of high quality protein and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. 

14 – Enjoy more whole grains. Whole grains are highly nutritious and can bump up the protein content of many dishes when used in place of refined grains. 

15 – Don’t skip meals. If you’re eating ample, high-quality protein at every meal, and consuming 4-6 meals a day, you will reach your goals.  

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