4 Fun Finds For Spring 

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. 

It’s always fun to try new things and share them with you. Often times I find some really great wins that I use over and over again. This one courtesy of BabbleBoxx was no exception. 

Find #1 Kensington Books: Those Empty Eyes and On the Line 

We all can use some time to recover this spring and curl up with a good book on our rest days! Get ready for tons of suspense and twists and turns with these two books! Whether your chilling on the couch or packing for a vacation, these are binge-worthy, page turners! And the best part, they’re on sale now everywhere books are sold. 

Learn more about “Those Empty Eyes” and “On the Line”. 

Find #2 Voortman 

Zero sugar snacking coming your way with these delish mini wafers and mini cookies. The mini wafers come in vanilla and chocolate and the mini cookies come in iced oatmeal and vanilla shortbread. The iced oatmeal is my favorite – to be honest, this bag is almost empty.  

These are the perfect poppable size, and with NO high-fructose corn syrup and NO artificial colors it’s a big win. 

Check them out here. 

Find #3 Elysium Health 

Knowing your biological age is a new area of research for me and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned. Elysium’s Index Biological Age Test is a revolutionary at-home biological test that measures ten different aspects of aging.  

We all age at a different rate and while I work hard at keeping my life balanced, I’m anxious to discover age scores for my brain, heart, metabolic and more. And it’s super easy to take the test – it’s just a saliva test that you mail in. 

Great news for you! You can save $50 on the test using the code GETINDEX50 or simply clicking here. Valid until Apri 21, 2023. Learn more.

Find #4 Wonderbelly 

If you have digestive health struggles and take a lot of antacids, have you ever read the labels? They’re often filled with GMO’s, talc, dyes, gluten, common allergens, synthetic sweeteners and more.  

Enter Wonderbelly Antacids! This medicine fights heartburn, acid digestion and sour belly without talc, dyes, artificial sweeteners, parabens, genetically modified ingredients and more! And yes, it’s got the same active ingredients as the leading brands and provides maximum strength. 

The Fruity Cereal flavor is brand new and available only at Target. 

If you purchase and then text your receipt to 507-652-5235 you’ll receive $5 back. Learn more.

Tell me which of these you’d like to try first (or maybe ALL?!) in the comments below! 

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