Jenn Labonte

Hi friends! I’m Jenn Labonte. I’m a mom to Lexi (23) and Jacob (19) and married to my husband, Bill for 25 years! I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Public Relations. I became certified in Personal and Group Training around this time too and eventually owned and operated a thriving outdoor bootcamp for women. When I’m not working out and helping others on their personal wellness journey, I work as a Social Media Manager for Points of Light.

Shortly after turning 40, physically I felt like things just started falling apart. I remember going for a walk with my friends with a metal plated knee brace almost the length of my leg after an osteoarthritis diagnosis that was causing extreme knee pain. Then there was my newly torn rotator cuff and bursitis in my foot. I used these roadblocks as excuses to not exercise…followed by eating more…drinking more…going to bed late…followed by self-doubt. I’ve run marathons, triathlons and trained others most of my adult life…and yes, there was still a lot of self-doubt!

I found my way out! Now I’m combining everything I’ve learned from my 20+ years of training with my own personal physical and emotional challenges after turning 40 and passing on all that knowledge to you! With 50 just ahead of me, I am taking it all day by day and just doing the best I can to keep moving and keep motivating.

I never set out to get you to replicate what I do but, instead help you discover what works for you in your steps to health and wellness. I’m no where near perfect but, I can attest that balance living is a beautiful place! 

DM or email me anytime! I am here for you! 💗 Most of all, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your journey! – Jenn