No Equipment Back Workout

Back Day 🔥 Four exercises you can do at home without any equipment! Yes, that is a dog 🐶 leg in the background! 

1️⃣Reverse snow angel 

2️⃣Reacher row 

3️⃣Lying back extensions  

4️⃣Superman (modified) 

👆Generally the Superman exercise is done with arms extended overhead (without locking elbows). I’m sharing modified option as original was causing me shoulder pain. 

5️⃣The last video shows you how to add a folded up towel to easily support your neck if you have neck injuries or discomfort. 

👉Shoot for 20 reps of each exercise for 3-4 rounds. 

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HIIT with modifications

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a broad term for workouts that involve short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods. There are tons of benefits that come with doing a HIIT workout but, one of my favorite is, you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

HIIT doesn’t have to mean lots of jumping and strain on your joints. Especially if you’re just getting started, you can and should modify. I’ve included modification videos inside the more advanced options. Pick which works for you right now in your journey…then advance as you can. 

1️⃣Crab kicks 

2️⃣Overhead Jumping jacks 

3️⃣In and out squats 

4️⃣Squat to toe taps 

👉Complete each exercise for 45 seconds 

👉Rest for 15 seconds then move on to the next exercise 

👉Rest for 60 seconds after you have completed all four exercises 

👉Repeat 5x or set your own workout time goal. 

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Stability Ball Core

Stability Ball Core! This circuit will not only strengthen and tone those abs but give your shoulders a good workout too! 

1️⃣Stability ball pikes 

2️⃣Stability ball knee-ins 

3️⃣Stability ball pushes 

4️⃣Stability ball lateral leg taps 

👉Complete 12-20 reps of each exercise for 3-4 sets 

👉30 seconds rest in between exercises 

Booty & Leg Burner

Booty 🍑 Leg Burner Day! Grab your dumbbells or save for later. You’ll be feeling this one for days! 

1️⃣Close grip dumbbell deadlift 

2️⃣Goblet squat 

3️⃣Reverse lunge knee raise 

4️⃣Straight leg kick back 

Remember the mind ➕ muscle connection! And if you really want to tone and build muscle increase the weight! 

👉Work for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. 

👉60 seconds rest after you’ve completed all 4 exercises. 

👉Complete 3-4 sets all the way through.         

DM me on @jennlabfit or email with any questions or modification assistance.

Upper Body Dumbbell and Body Weight Circuit

Try this UPPER BODY 💪 focused circuit with a little bit of core sprinkled in! Save, try, share and CRUSH! 

1️⃣Bicep curl to outward rotation 

2️⃣Push up to shoulder tap 

3️⃣Alternating Arnold press 

4️⃣Plank jack renegade rows 


Complete 4 rounds 

30 seconds each side 

10 seconds rest between each exercise 

👉Equipment Needed: 

1. Dumbbells – recommended 5-12 lbs 

2. Bodyweight 

10-Minute Bodyweight Core Circuit

10-Minute low impact/bodyweight only, core circuit! Ready to sweat and tone? Save, try, share and CRUSH!

10-Minute Bodyweight Core Circuit

1️⃣Butterfly sit ups 

2️⃣Crunch to floor taps 

3️⃣Oblique crunch knee to elbows – R & L 

4️⃣Side plank leg raise – R & L 

Complete 4 rounds 

30 seconds each side 

10 seconds rest between each exercise 

Total Body Fence Workout

Let’s call this one the “Total Body Fence Workout.” In essence, though it’s really about showing you that we can workout anywhere…anytime! I love using the elements around me to create fun workouts. Fitness should never be boring! Get creative, change things up and as always, modify when necessary! 

1️⃣Bulgarian lunges 

2️⃣Incline push ups 

3️⃣Modified skater squats 

4️⃣Decline push ups 

👉Complete 10-15 each (side) for 3 sets.