I only share things that I personally integrate into my daily life…things that I LOVE and think you will too. If the brand provides me with a discounted link I want to pass that on to you!

FRE’ Skincare

These are my go to skincare products before and after exercise. They are designed for people that sweat through all things fitness and outdoor related. They’ve been my skin saving grace when nothing else worked!

Skinnies RSVP

We all deserve to have a little well deserved FUN! Unfortunately alcoholic drinks are one of the biggest culprits to weight gain. These drink mixers are sugar-free and zero calories but, without aspartame or artificial ingredients. Tastes great with or without alcohol!

ThunderBird Real Food Bars

I am one of those people that get HANGRY if you don’t feed me often. So choosing what I snack on is important to me! ThunderBird Bars taste great, they have really cool flavor combinations you can’t find anywhere else and the best part is they all have 7 or less ingredients (and you can pronounce all of them!)

Protein Power Ball

The most powerful things (YOU) should be fueled by healthy, simple ingredients – rolled into one convenient ball that tastes GREAT! I bring a few of these with me anytime I’m going to be away from home for a few hours. Satisfies my hunger cravings and helps me reach my protein goals!

Let me know if you have any questions.