Hi ladies!

I know how you may be feeling! You feel like you’ve tried everything to reach your goals. Either it hasn’t worked, you got burned out, life got in the way OR it did work and now you’re back to where you started. I FEEL YOU!

Especially when we hit 40 our bodies goes through many biological changes and life stresses. We’re trying to juggle adequate recovery, hormonal balance and daily stress management into our lifestyles.

FITNESS REDISCOVERED is different than most fitness apps that just provide a quick demo and a list of exercises. Fitness Rediscovered is a unique combination of exercises designed specifically to help frustrated women take control of post 40’s weight gain, build strength, & lean out so she can feel confident, consistently motivated, and beautiful in her own skin. 

You CAN lose the stubborn belly fat, tone and tighten the tough spots, and start feeling like you used to.


  • Who haven’t been able to find a fitness program they enjoy and can maintain.
  • Who are new to fitness and finally ready to make healthy changes.
  • Who are looking for modifications or new ways to approach exercise due to injuries or pain.
  • Who used to work out and are ready to be challenged again.
  • Who can’t seem to get rid of stubborn weight.

REFOCUS your goals 

REBUILD your strength 

REGAIN your confidence 


Fitness Rediscovered POWER Program

POWER Program is a home-based program specifically designed for women over 40. Build strength, lean out and feel confident in your body! All workouts are 30-45 minutes in length and modifications are provided for every exercise.

  • Access to the Fitness Rediscovered web app
  • Four (4) weekly home strength workouts
  • Weekly Legs + Glutes Sculpt
  • Weekly Upper Body Strong
  • Weekly Total Body High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Weekly Full Body Bodyweight Burn
  • Fully guided workouts with modifications for all advanced/plyometric exercises
  • Fat burning cardio routines and suggested Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio guidelines

Stop choosing random workouts without a solid plan to help you reach your fitness goals. Start following a weekly program, with proven results, designed specifically for women over 40.

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Only $20 per month (Just $.67 per day)

Fitness Rediscovered RESET Program 

A 12-week extensive, complete body RESET transformation 1:1 program designed specifically for women over 40 trying to lose stubborn weight and let go of restrictive diets. Unlike other programs that just give you a cookie cutter template, I get right to the heart of the individual physical and emotional issues many women over 40 face so you can ACTUALLY get results!

A Leaner, Stronger, More Confident YOU in 3 months!

Fitness that Works

You need to find fitness solutions that make sense for you and create amazing results without spending hours a day! Learn to achieve optimal fitness through effective training techniques designed specifically for women over 40, without risk of over training or injury.

JL Food Method

You need a solid understanding of what to eat for weight loss that you can sustain and enjoy long term. The RESET program will teach you the foundations of eating intuitively for fat loss, without any strict meal plans or having to cut out the foods you love. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle!

Sustainable Solutions

You need to master your individual needs and find personal solutions that will allow you to succeed and maintain for a lifetime of happiness. Learn to face your fears, say no to things that cause anxiety and stress and solidify your newfound healthy habits. We’ll focus on solutions, not problems.

Ready to lose those stubborn pounds and keep them off? Let’s schedule a call and and see if this program is for you.

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