Jenn Lab Fit Media Kit

I am a fitness and lifestyle influencer based out of Florida. Using my 25+ years of professional and personal experience in the fitness industry, I share my daily navigation through exercise, healthy eating, motivation, athleisure wear and how to balance it all out with well-deserved fun. My content caters to women, who lead busy lives, and have a desire to gain and maintain their fitness and health. I collaborate with each brand in creating something unique and special. This results in a big increase in conversion and awareness for the brands. My audience likes that they aren’t feeling sold to which makes them more engaged in the process! My approach is to incorporate the brand into my daily life, tell a story about how I personally use and enjoy it, then develop content that is in line with both my audience and the brands goals. This means that all of the brands I work with are happy with the first collaboration we do together, which leads to a stronger long-term partnership.

So, how does your company work with fitness and wellness bloggers?

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