The Jenn Lab Fit app includes a balanced program created specifically to help women take control of post 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond weight gain, build strength and stay injury free…so you can feel confident, consistently motivated and beautiful in your skin.

Hi ladies!

I know how you may be feeling! You feel like you’ve tried everything to reach your goals. Either it hasn’t worked, you got burned out, life got in the way, you got injured, the process was too confusing OR it did work and now you’re back to where you started.

Especially when we hit 40 our bodies go through many biological changes and life stresses. We’re trying to juggle adequate recovery, hormonal balance and daily stress management into our lifestyles. And the most frustrating part is, often we look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person looking back.

I’ve been there! I choose to take a different approach…a gentler, smarter and more effective one. And now I’m sharing it with you!

The Jenn Lab Fit Program Includes:

  • A tailor-made app available on iTunes, Google Play and the web so you have easy access everything you need
  • Weekly, easy to follow, full-body workouts designed specifically to help you reach your goals
  • Weekly LIVE stream workouts inside the app
  • An extensive library of scientifically backed, individual exercises at your fingertips
  • A community of like-minded women empowering and cheering each other on
  • A library of balanced, easy to make meals with nutrition facts, created and tested by a Registered Dietitian
  • Weekly wellness tips and guidance through dedicated blogs

This app and the ease of following the exercises have been just what I needed to get excited about my workouts again! – Julie, from Canada

Loving this app, particularly the live classes with the extra tips on form and mindful movement. Thank you, Jenn. – Karen, from U.K.

The Jenn Lab Fit Program is Designed For:

  • Women searching for a smarter way to fitness, strength and physical change in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond
  • Every fitness level – beginner to advanced
  • Women who prefer to workout at home or are looking for a dumbbell only program

The Jenn Lab Fit Program Mindset:

  • Mindful and intentional movement is the secret sauce to optimal results.
  • Working smarter saves you time, frustration and helps you reach your goals for lasting results.
  • You CAN train low impact and still receive high results.
  • Modifications are essential to staying injury free at all ages and all levels.

Stop doing random exercises without a solid plan to help you reach your fitness goals. Start following a program, with proven results, designed specifically for women over 40.

REFOCUS your goals 

REBUILD your strength 

REGAIN your confidence 


Feeling stronger and leaner! The app has definitely helped me with consistency! – Jane, from U.S.

There is no time like NOW!

Questions? Reach out to me anytime! Email or message me on Instagram or Facebook.