The Jenn Lab Fit Program


Jenn Labonte

Hi friends! Are you ready to safely take control of post 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond weight gain and build strength so you can feel confident, consistently motivated, and beautiful in your own skin?

Having personally struggled with weight gain and emotional ups and downs after turning 40, and not loving how I felt or what I saw in the mirror, I’ve been in your shoes. And I’m honored to now help you take those small but powerful steps in finding what works for you.

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The Jenn Lab Fit app includes a balanced program created specifically to help women take control of post 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond weight gain, build strength and stay injury free…so you can feel confident, consistently motivated and beautiful in your skin.

Hi ladies!

I know how you may be feeling! You feel like you’ve tried everything to reach your goals. Either it hasn’t worked, you got burned out, life got in the way, you got injured, the process was too confusing OR it did work and now you’re back to where you started.

Especially when we hit 40 our bodies go through many biological changes and life stresses. We’re trying to juggle adequate recovery, hormonal balance and daily stress management into our lifestyles. And the most frustrating part is, often we look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person looking back.

I’ve been there! I choose to take a different approach…a gentler, smarter and more effective one. And now I’m sharing it with you!

Gain Access To 4 New Strength Workouts + 2 Live Workouts + Challenges + Travel Workouts + Community Support and so much more!

These short but powerful total body workouts are designed to ensure you are properly working every single muscle group.

Each strength workout is between 30-45 minutes, making it perfect to fit into your time constraints.

Get the Most Out of Every Movement with Video Demos For Every Exercise.

Get an up-close look at each movement plus modification options for all levels.

Whether you are new to fitness, coming back from an injury or you’ve been lifting weights for a while, these videos will help to ensure you can perfect your form and stay mindful in the movement for optional performance and prevent potential injuries!

Reach Your Fitness Goals One Step at a Time!

No more feeling frustrated by random routines or overwhelmed with high-impact workouts.

Jenn Lab Fit programming includes mindful and intentional movement, helping you work smarter, saving you time and helping you reach long-lasting results.

Discover the Power of Progress!

Make small and progressive steps without extreme pressure or intensity to help you effectively bust through your plateaus.

Track your progress so you can make changes as needed and track your milestones!

Not only will this help you to stay motivated, but it will ensure you’re progressing to the next level for optimal transformational change!

Stay Connected, Motivated & Accountable In the Jenn Lab Fit Community!

We are in this together! Join women from around the world in taking charge of your health, one step at a time. Receive daily guidance and support from me and stay motivated by learning from the wins and challenges of others.

Take a Different Approach to Your Workouts

This app makes it easier than ever to safely reach your fitness goals through a gentler, smarter and more effective program – without complicated and extreme routines!

You can cancel your subscription any time by going to the ‘Account” page inside your app. To avoid being charged for the next subscription period, you need to cancel at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. No refunds will be provided.

A smarter way to fitness, strength and physical changes in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond


A tailor-made app available on iTunes, Google Play and the web so you have easy access to everything you need – anytime and anywhere.

Maximum Results on Your Schedule

Weekly, easy-to-follow, full-body workouts designed specifically to help you reach your goals with minimal equipment.

Live Classes

Two weekly LIVE stream workouts inside the app for a fun, community feel with live form and mindful movement cues, modification tips and follow-along guidance.

Accountability & Support

A community of like-minded women empowering and cheering each other on plus daily support from me.

Balanced Nutrition

A full library of balanced, easy-to-make meals with nutrition facts, created and tested by a Registered Dietitian.

Healthy Habits

Weekly wellness tips and guidance through dedicated blogs and small but powerful healthy habit goals.

We Celebrate Every Small Step as a WIN!

Because every one of them adds up to lasting change!

The Jenn Lab Fit Program is Designed For:

  • Women searching for a smarter way to fitness, strength and physical change in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond
  • Every fitness level – beginner to advanced
  • Women who prefer to workout at home or are looking for a dumbbell only program

The Jenn Lab Fit Program Mindset:

  • Mindful and intentional movement is the secret sauce to optimal results.
  • Working smarter saves you time, frustration and helps you reach your goals for lasting results.
  • You CAN train low impact and still receive high results.
  • Modifications are essential to staying injury free at all ages and all levels.

Stop doing random exercises without a solid plan to help you reach your fitness goals. Start following a program, with proven results, designed specifically for women over 40.

REFOCUS your goals 

REBUILD your strength 

REGAIN your confidence 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Jenn Lab Fit program be done at home?

Absolutely! This program is designed specifically for home with minimal equipment but, can also be transferred to the gym especially as you are looking to increase your dumbbell weight sizes.

What equipment is needed for optimal results?

Optimally you will have a few pairs of dumbbell options – light and a medium/heavy pair. A fabric resistance band is also highly recommended (but not required). A light pair of 3-5 pounds and 8-10 pounds is ideal for beginners. An additional set of 12-20 pounds would also be ideal for intermediate/advanced.

Is this app available on my phone and computer?

Yes! The Jenn lab Fit app can be accessed from your iPhone, Android, iPad or on your computer. Once you sign up for the subscription through my website, download the app: iPhone & Google Play Store and use your login credentials to get started.

Is the app available worldwide?

Yes! We have women from around the world as part of our strength and movement community. All rates are in USD.

Is there a video demonstration for each movement?

Yes! I personally demonstrate every single movement and provide modifications when needed. You can also reach out to me if there is a specific modification you need due to injury.

How many workouts do we get every week?

Every week you get four NEW total body strength workouts and two cardio recommendations as well as three optional fast finishers.

How many live workouts are there each week?

Every week there are two live workout options. Once per week we do one of our prescribed total body workouts together. And once per week we do a core intensity workout together. Every live workout is available immediately following the class for you to take on anytime you’re ready, as many times as you’d like.

How long is each workout?

Each workout should take between 30-45 minutes. If you’re just starting out or short on time, you can reduce the number of sets.

Can I do these workouts if I’m a beginner or coming back from injury?

Yes, absolutely! There is a Beginner Lab program option to allow you to safely and slowly transition into the weekly movements. Or you can begin with lighter weights in the weekly movement plan. Either way, we will focus on form and mindful movement while you build your confidence.

What is your cancellation policy?

This is a subscription based program that will renew monthly, every 3 months or annually depending on your plan. You can cancel anytime inside your app but, must do so 24 hours before your renewal date for it to take effect. There are no refunds available mid-plan.

There is no time like NOW!

Questions? Reach out to me anytime! Email or message me on Instagram or Facebook.