10 Habits of Fit Women

10 Habits of Fit Women

By including these 10 habits of women, that always stay fit, into your daily routine you will improve your overall wellness and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Keep reading on to learn these easy to adapt habits into your daily life! 

10 Habits of Fit Women 

It’s not uncommon for women to decide a few times a year they want to make changes to lose weight. You may start making some of those positive changes, try a fad diet or two or try to work out more.  

Early on the motivation is most likely there and you enter the challenges with eager anticipation of the results. Unfortunately, that excitement often dissipates quickly as things get tough. How do you keep that initial motivation going? How do you stick to your original plan? 

Ever look around and wonder how some women stay fit or stay motivated so easily? Do you wonder what they do that’s different than you? 

If you watch them long enough, you’ll realize they aren’t on some special diet but, instead it’s more about their daily habits, their lifestyle routine and their consistency.  

In this article, you’ll find 10 helpful tips for women who always stay fit. From eating behaviors to keeping a specific mindset, you’ll learn how to keep and include these habits into your daily life. 

1. They eat breakfast. 

Fit women know that enjoying the most important meal of the day not only revs up their metabolism, but also gives them fuel to reach their daily goals. Skipping out on this meal is just not an option. 

Now, so we’re clear, they’re not eating junk filled donuts or sugary cereal every morning. They’re choosing balanced, protein filled breakfasts like my own personal favorite, German Chocolate Protein Waffles

2. They eat balanced meals often. 

Healthy women aren’t scared to eat often and eat well. They can and will eat up to six meals a day: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. They don’t restrict their diets; they eat when they’re hungry – and make smart dietary choices, like snacking on almonds or berries. 

3. They drink lots of water. 

The body is made up of 60% water. Maintaining hydration throughout the day will keep your body and mind balanced. Drinking water throughout the day will help you feel full and energized so you can work harder.  

4. They don’t do fad diets. 

Most people who stay in shape don’t diet but live a lifestyle that incorporates certain habits and behaviors that help maintain their shape over a long period of time. 

Most of the time, they choose to have whole food based meals and stay away from fast food. That doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite sweets or glass of wine. You can still eat these things, just only in moderation. 

Try to make whole food choices that will sustain your diet for the long term and try to enjoy an occasional splurge on some of your favorite non-diet foods.  

The key is to keep a balanced mind and body and to not feel restricted. 

5. They don’t weigh themselves. 

Fit women know they don’t need the numbers on the scale to validate their health and wellness.  When they look and feel healthy they know they have reached their goals. 

6. They don’t compare themselves to each other. 

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Two women with the exact same Body Mass Index can have completely different measurements. For that reason, healthy women don’t compare themselves to others. All they care about is how they feel and how active they are. 

7. They know working out comes in all varieties. 

If you find yourself dreading working out then you haven’t found the right exercise.  

Fit people love to exercise and they look forward to every minute of it. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily excited about the exercise itself, but instead the feeling they get when they are done. 

Not every exercise is for every person. Some enjoy running some prefer to lift weights. There are so many exercise options out there! Tried Pickle Ball yet? How about paddle boarding, yoga, rowing, biking? The list is endless.  

Find an activity you enjoy. The only “right” exercise is the one you do. 

8. They believe in balance. 

Fit women know that extreme diets, extreme working out and a rigid schedule are not sustainable. They opt for a sensible lifestyle by building in habitual wellness practices for a healthy life. 

9. They allow themselves to rest. 

Fit women know rest and recovery are extremely important when you’re trying to get stronger and build muscle. Scheduling rest days into their workout routine is essential.  

10. They know the importance of sleep. 

Staying fit isn’t only about how much you work out. Your rest and sleep allows your body and mind to recharge itself to tackle the next day.  

Sleeping and resting enough is a critical component to every fit person’s life. Aim for at least 7-8 hours each night, and you’ll be a healthier, fitter and a happier person overall.